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  • John D. Pope

    John D. Pope

    ios / osx developer - objc2swift.io / http://Fieldstormapp.com / komposer.io

  • Krystyna Bloch

    Krystyna Bloch

  • Roz Andrews

    Roz Andrews

    Writer, editor, proofreader & founder of www.rawritersforhire.com and www.medium.com/small-steps, moving forward in life, one small step at a time.

  • Kumail Tirmizi

    Kumail Tirmizi

  • Muhammad Abdullah

    Muhammad Abdullah

    Tech Geek, Web Developer and Music Junkie

  • Humayun Sohail

    Humayun Sohail

  • Craig Sobey

    Craig Sobey

    #Developer: The Quantum Economy (#Quantum_Economics QED MODEL Paper: http://tinyurl.com/azqnx88) #Altecon #Aries #Business #CSuite #Fintech #btc #Lambies

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